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nii-nvim is a neovim config centered around these three design aspects: - Minimalism & Simplicity - Small codebase - Extensibility These three aspects are the driving ideas of nii-nvim and are what taken into consideration with every commit, pull request, and codebase change.


This pillar the core idea which nii-nvim is built on. Simplicity and minimalism helps keep focus on what is strictly necessary, no large libraries, no unnecessary code.

Small Codebase

A Small codebase is very important for understanding and maintaining this project. A small codebase has a smaller chance for bugs and issues to persist unnoticed and allows easier understanding and work with the overall codebase.


For configurations, extensibility is key, it allows the user to take what they like add to it. It also allows users to change whatever they want without issues.

Last update: 2022-04-17