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Migration to main branch

In recent, much of nii-nvim's commit history has been littered with bad practice, greatly effecting tracking changes. So a hard rebase was done to the branch, which now lives on as the main branch. If you do attempt to pull changes, you will get odd issues.

Migrating personal tweaks

nii-nvim is designed to be a base configuration, thus many have modified its core. There are many ways to migrate based on the state of the repo's $working_directory:

Uncommitted changes

The easiest way to transfer all of your changes is to stash your local changes.

git stash

Next pull and pop stashed changes

git checkout main
git stash pop

Committed changes

If you have committed changes, you will have to be a bit more involved with picking out commits.

First of all, do not merge upstream changes if you have recent commits on HEAD, rather, you will want to create patches of your latest commits, then apply them to main. Generally speaking, if you dont know if you've committed recently, check git log.

For this example, I have 3 commits applied to master.

I will first generate a diff of my changes and save it to a patch file. You can also make multiple patch files if you have mixed in commits. Make sure to move this patch file OUTSIDE your working directory, so that checkout wont take it.

git diff -u HEAD~3 > my_commits.patch

Next, checkout to the main branch. (make sure to pull it)

git pull origin main
git checkhout main

Finally, apply the patch of your changes.

git apply my_commits.patch

Then commit changes

git commit -m "chore: Migrated from master"


Pull all changes

git pull origin master
git pull origin main

Remove the master branch

git branch -D master

Last update: 2022-04-17