musicctl.lua is a libaray for AweseomWM that gives functions to control MPRIS-capable media players.


playerctl In order for this module to function properly.

# clone repo
git clone

# copy file to config dir
cp ./musicctl.lua ~/.config/awesome

Patching musicctl

musicctl was designed to not depend on anything other than the core AweseomWM library and playerctl. However, there are patches in this repository that add the following features:

  • "floating", top-aligned widgets (needs compositor for transparency) top_align.patch
  • Animations via rubato rubato.patch

You can apply/remove a patch as follows:

# -b creates a backup file
patch -b < patches/rubato.patch

# -R reverses the above
patch -R < patches/rubato.patch

Generating docs

Docs are generated using LDoc in HTML format.

ldoc musicctl.lua -f markdown


Example usages are found in example/

-- in rc.lua
local musicctl = require('musicctl')



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