Contribution Quick Start

I do not accept pull requests on the github mirror, please use patches instead.

Anyone can contribute to musicctl. First you need to clone the repository:

git clone
cd musicctl

When making changes, ensure the following:

  • Ensure that your code is properly formatted properly with stylua.
  • Ensure that everything works as expected.
  • Do not forget to update the docs.

Once you are happy with your work, you can create a commit (or several commits). Follow these general rules:

  • Limit the first line (title) of the commit message to 60 characters.
  • Use a short prefix for the commit title for readability with git log --oneline.
  • Use the body of the commit message to actually explain what your patch does and why it is useful.
  • Address only one issue/topic per commit.
  • If you are fixing a ticket, use appropriate commit trailers.
  • If you are fixing a regression introduced by another commit, add a fix: trailer with the commit id and its title.

There is a great reference for commit messages in the Linux kernel documentation.

Before sending the patch, you should configure your local clone with sane defaults:

git config format.subjectPrefix "[PATCH] musicctl.lua"
git config "~theorytoe/"

And send the patch to the mailing list:

git send-email --annotate -1

Before your patch can be applied, it needs to be reviewed and approved. Approval will be indicated by a reply to your patch with a Reviewed-by trailer.

You can follow the review process via email and on the web ui.

Wait for feedback. Address comments and amend changes to your original commit. Then you should send a v2 (and maybe a v3, v4, etc.):

git send-email --annotate -v2 -1

Once your patch has been reviewed and approved it will be applied and pushed.

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